Tanzania on Tuesday: Big Cats – part 2

The images can do most of the storytelling on this one (which started here with part one). I think it’s valuable to point out that despite your best searching and the fact that, “The animals ARE out there!” as the guides say – you will not always have good light, close proximity, or interesting behavior.

Especially when it comes to the cats you might get a tease finding that a couple lions decided to take their noontime nap nearly under the bridge you are crossing.  Still exciting, but though you crane your neck and wait this is all you will get to see:


Sometimes the animals are just too far away or the contrast of sun and shade is too intense for a good view (or photograph). But then again, sometimes you get lucky and what you hope to see is active, nearby, or in beautiful light!











The cheetahs were more elusive and we spent a long time searching for them. It was a treat to find three hiding in the shade of this small tree with not one other safari vehicle in sight. Not quite as accommodating photography subjects as the lions but still, they were awake which we appreciated!




Do you think you have what it takes to spot animals like a guide?  While driving through the bush would you have stopped to take a closer look at this tree?


Me either!  And guess what there’s not one, but three lions right there lounging up in that tree.  It was absolutely incredible to gaze UP at these majestic animals!





Maybe my favorite lion photos from the trip are these.  We found this lioness hanging out in the sunshine but she was determined NOT to look in our direction.


Several other vehicles had come around and then left but we were patient and finally rewarded with a glance.


Just as we were about to go some movement in the background caught Scott’s eye.  Sure enough we had been looking right at not one but three lions!  Look again at the photos above, do you see the leg in the air of the one on the right?


We did not get lucky enough to see a leopard… but then not many people do. We’re not complaining though having had the privilege to collect these images in our memory. Yes, double thumbs up for the Big Cats!



9 thoughts on “Tanzania on Tuesday: Big Cats – part 2

  1. Wow Amy, such amazing photos. So happy you were rewarded with these opportunities….after the rains, mud , getting stuck, etc…but each had enriched your experiences.


  2. Dear Scott, Amy, Simon and Elsa Ruth,
    I’m sorry I don’t comment all the time but your “stories” are fantastic. What an incredible year you are having. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I appreciate it more than you know. God bless each of you with all the graces you need and want.
    Love and daily prayers,
    Sister Mary Lee

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  3. Oh what terrific pictures of the Big Cats! They are magnificent! Praise God for His creation. Your hearts must have been pounding to have spotted these and to see some not sleeping is a thrill. Keep the blogs coming. We are all on a trip with you. Love, Grandma Nancy


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