Back to School


Tanzania on Tuesday will have to wait until next week, because this post must be about Back to School! Summer vacation is over and today is the day for new grades and teachers.


I’ve noticed the school supply marketing in the stores for several weeks but nowhere near the frenzy we see in the U.S. come August. The children had fun organizing their pencil cases and labeling everything (and we mean everything!) with their names.




At our children’s school you learn who your new teacher and classmates are when you arrive the first day, so there is a good deal of butterflies and excitement. Simon was delighted to find he has a male teacher (his first ever) for Grade 6.


Elsa Ruth is in Grade 3. This is the grade when students join the upper grades in staying for the whole school day until 2:00 (rather than being picked up after lunch at 12:50). She also has more subjects and thus more notebooks.  She brought home 11 today and we need to cover the all in plastic!



It was a good summer break to be sure. I believe the word “epic” has been thrown around in referring to some of our adventures. Indeed!  But it feels good to be getting back to normal, too.  When asked to rate the day on a scale of one to ten, both kids gave it a resounding “Ten!”  I think we’re off to a good start.


6 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Amy, I love reading your updates! Crazy how school is starting and we are in bitterly cold weather back here. I would love to catch up some time via Whats App or Skype. Can you send me your info again?

    Miss you. Lots of love, Jen


  2. Hello SA adventurers! Epic doesn’t even cover what your year has felt like from here! 🙂 Sending love and prayers for your new school year…does that include Scott too starting anew? Can’t wait to read how the turtle watching went! Peace friends!


  3. Congratulations on how you have all are handling so many different experiences. Some are not easy but you are growing from them all. Glad school is off to a good start. I loved the video about the sea turtles. Keep writing these amazing blogs for us to share in your adventures and learn so many new things. Love and God’s blessings to you from Grandma Nancy


    • We are happy to read and hear from your africa adventures and your “normal day” life. Greetings from Wiesloch (Germany). Could you sent ouer e-mail adress to your Grandma Nancy Rand, so that we can communicat more easy and with her directly ? It seems that our “paper post” didn’t find the way to her last year.
      Yours Wagners
      Meta, Kurt, Knut, Alex + Ben


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