In our corner of the world…

Who would have guessed we’d go all the way to South Africa to make a new friend from Hungary! Last week we enjoyed hosting Kata, a PhD student we had met at a backpacker hostel. She is based in Durban doing a year of research on contemporary African literature. Learning that she needed to come to Pietermaritzburg for her work we offered, “Why not stay with us?”


She folded into our family activities with ease and we enjoyed learning about her and her country. I like to think that beyond receiving the free lodging maybe her experience here was enriched on a personal level too. In the midst of world events this week, it felt especially poignant to me to see the good that comes from extending ourselves to trust others.

We decided to give another go at a puzzle, this one looked significantly more interesting to work than our first attempt. Even better, I found it for R10 (about $ .80) at a second hand store. But used puzzles are always a gamble… would it have all the pieces?



Nope…alas, missing one piece and one extra that didn’t go with this one. Fun in any case.

When we see “November” at the top of our calendar it feels like we should be getting cozy inside, pulling out winter gear, and making plans for Thanksgiving…. not gardening! But that is what people here are doing. Markets have flowers and seedlings in abundance. Amy decided she had to participate too and tucked in a few annuals, herbs, swiss chard, and dwarf sweet corn here and there!



Featuring most prominently in the adults’ minds is our upcoming trip to Tanzania. Both Scott and I are giddy with excitement. It really feels like a dream come true to be going back with our children to a place so important for each of us and where we first met! We head out at the end of the month… not really enough time to do sufficient brush up on our Swahili. But we’re trying nonetheless!



4 thoughts on “In our corner of the world…

  1. Safari njema! Exciting indeed. And now that TZ has elected a new Pres and the process was peaceful – in spite of other ‘issues’, to be celebrated. Saw Laura W and Ryan last weekend – tamu. Be safe, be well! nawashike moyoni yangu! Shoonie


  2. Ooh! I can’t wait to hear about your trip to TZ! Taking our kids back was indeed amazing and they really got a lot out of it. Safari njema!


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