“Place of the well-fed dog”

It is hard to capture in words what it means for our family to have this year together. This beautiful video Scott compiled from a recent weekend conveys some of what we’re feeling – peace, joy, and wonder.

We were in the Drakensburg Mountains in an area named “Injusuti”. It means, “place of the well-fed dog” as it had a reputation for such an abundance of game that even hunters’ dogs could be satisfied! We did a lot of hiking in these pristine mountains where the San Bushmen roamed for thousands of years. In the video you’ll see we visited an area with ancient rock paintings ranging between 500 and 3,000 years old. Appropriately named lead guide, Knowledge, taught us the importance of animals, spirits, and the role of the shaman in the San culture. Guide-in-training, Regina, proved the capability of women too for leading these outings for visitors.

If you have a few minutes, sit back and enjoy…

Music is: “God is a River” by Minnesota singer/songwriter Peter Mayer


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