One of our three days in Durban we enjoyed a two hour bus tour through the city. It was perfect – a feast for the eyes as we moved along the coast and harbor, and through neighborhoods and market areas. We learned that Durban is a city of three million people and has the second busiest port in Africa. It was a pleasure to see people out enjoying the public spaces in their city – strolling the beach promenade, picnicking in parks, exercising in recreation areas, taking photos by the sea.

The children especially benefited from the level of separation the bus provided as they took in the hustle and bustle- people moving about, buying, selling. I noticed questioning eyes at times as we encountered areas of profuse trash and run-down store fronts, cars and minibuses packed with people (“Where are the seatbelts and carseats?”). The delight was mutual when they caught eyes several times with another child across the street or in a vehicle and shared a wave or smile.

Simon noted quietly at one point, “There are SO many people in Africa!” That reminded me of bewildered newcomers to America who routinely ask “Where are the people?” when encountering empty neighborhood sidewalks.  The extremes are mind-boggling.

Here are some highlights from that day. If you wish to browse the whole album, just click any of the images.





Next up… settling into our new home in Pietermaritzburg.


One thought on “Durban

  1. Thanks for all the pics! Just FYI, we tried calling you yesterday on FaceTime and Skype to wish Simon happy (belated) birthday, and figured out we could leave a video message for you on Skype. So that is there when you have a chance to view it. Glad we figured that out as I think it will come in handy to stay in touch and deal with the time difference!


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