Here we are!

Travel was certainly long but not too grueling. We kept occupied with plenty of personal entertainment options on the screen at each seat, plus a few of the activities we brought along.


It wouldn’t be a long–distance trip with Scott without a run-in with someone unexpected! This time it was Kurt Rosentrater, an engineering colleague from Iowa State, in the immigration line at the Johannesburg airport.

One more flight and we arrived early evening in Durban, tuckered out and eager to sleep horizontally. The kids’ bodies have surprised us by adjusting to the new time with no troubles since day one- nice! (Not quite as easy for the adults).

Have I mentioned these folks yet and how nutty it is that there are actually two Fargo-Moorhead families blogging from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa?


We felt so welcomed the first morning when Sophia, Isaac, and mom Tessa came to see us at our hotel. Along with big smiles, they had a booster seat in hand for Elsa and a Lego vehicle Simon had entrusted to Isaac when we first met last December. You’d think we’d all known each other for years the way everyone hit it off. We are so thankful for the help the Leiseth family has given us so far and for their ministry as leaders of the Young Adults in Global Mission program through the Lutheran Church.

Our first full day concluded seaside in Umhlanga (just north of Durban). We admired:
these incredible trees:



the beach and pier:




the hilarious sight of a John Deere tractor struggling to pull this boat up the beach bank:

and a great dinner under a tarp outside:



Really, really here!



14 thoughts on “Here we are!

  1. Oh, I couldn’t be more excited to see this post!!! You all look incredible after such a long travel. Have fun with your new / old home friends. Hooray!


  2. Oh wow! Love, love, love your pictures!!! I’ve been on that beach and pier!!!
    Wonderful to see you already reconnecting again with new friends! Blessings as you continue your transition and enjoy all the new adventures!


  3. How wonderful to see all your smiling faces and to know that you arrived safe!! Looking forward to updates as they come. Lots of love, Jen, Steve, Gabe and Cole


  4. Awesome photos and happy faces. Life begins anew and fun..but of course…many adjustments before you are truly settled . The blog is a great way for us to keep in touch…and deny the fact that you really are not that far away. Love to all. Sent from my iPad



  5. Hi, Amy, Scott, Simon, and Elsa! It’s so wonderful being able to look at and read your blog. Each of you look thrilled to be in South Africa (and little wonder after the long flights!). Have a wonderful time settling in. We’re thinking of you as we spend our last few days of our (comparably quick) jaunt to Europe. It was great seeing family and friends in Germany and now more friends in Edinburgh. Much love to each of you~ Heather, Alexander, Ahren, and Ronan p.s. the tree you’re standing by looks incredible, Simon!


  6. PS – I woke up this morning thinking of that picture of Scott in the immigration line meeting someone he knew – it’s just crazy! My favorite stories are small world stories.


  7. LOVE the pictures! Thanks so much for taking precious time to update all of us with your exciting new world. Peering into your world helps ease the “missing of friends”.

    Charlie had filled me in on your blog and had shown me the photos so I was about to delete the email without reading it myself. GLAD I DIDN’T! Turns out I went to Concordia with Jon and Tessa. (Charlie hadn’t included names when telling me about your blog entry.) I am bewildered by the small world connection. 🙂



  8. What fun to see these pictures and know you are REALLY there. What an exciting time. Hope the settling in goes smoothly and life continues to be a welcome and fulfilling adventure!


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