Farewells and feeling loved…

We have headed out of Fargo on a wave of love…almost overwhelming in its surge and lift. The last week and a half has been filled with final tasks plus countless opportunities to notice all the relationships in our lives. Farewell dinners, hugs, calls and a whole lot of help ushered us through the days. Here are some highlights…

Goodbyes of all kinds and from people who have known us a short time:


(Aaron the letter carrier) and from people who have known us a long time:



(Pat the Barber, 2011 and 2015)



Yes, it really was Christmas in June when friends hosted our annual Sing-A-Long party at their home complete with Christmas trees, snowflakes, and cookies.


Furniture was moved out, nooks and crannies cleaned.



Heights recorded on the door frame. How much growing will happen in the next 12 months?


And the winner of the doll companion competition….Upendo. We reasoned that she started out in Africa (Kenya) so it ought to be an easy transition.



Visits and farewells in MN with Grandma Nancy and Great Grandma Lois.

And a packing victory as we started on our first of four airplane flights. The bag that could not exceed 50 pounds, weighed in at:


And the other that would be overweight anyway, but couldn’t exceed 70:


We say a big “Thank you!” to the many people who helped clean, move furniture, feed us meals, run errands, and entertain children! As we continue learning over and over again – it does take a village to do almost everything. Are we ever grateful for the people in ours.

Next stop Pennsylvania and New Jersey!



7 thoughts on “Farewells and feeling loved…

  1. Love reading and seeing your faces in these updates Amy, Scott, Simon and Elsa! Thank you for sharing your journey…and it’s only just begun! Wow! I’m grateful for all those who helped you pack, clean and prepare in so many ways for your trip! And I love your bag weights; just the right number of shoes it turns out! :} God bless your family time on the East Coast! Fargo misses you already, but we all also send you off in love and gratitude!!!


  2. travel blessings! you are true adventurers and we hold you in divine Love & Light for each day of the journey. hope your PA and NJ stops provide yet more love for the year in South Africa. we are eager to see your photos and read your stories.. hugs, n & G, west danby, ny


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  4. Pascale, vous allez nous manquer !Vous êtes une auteure capable de décrire le réel comme un roman.Du bel ouvrage.On va vous suivre.Mais où ?Vous n&uoars;qvez pas finie de nous étonner.


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