The second trip to Chicago this week appears to have been a success! A 5:15 am departure assured plenty of time to arrive in Chicago before the Consulate’s noon closing time, right? I wasn’t entirely sure when a weather delay out of Minneapolis and then throngs of Blackhawks fans at the train station threatened to slow things. By the time I arrived downtown armed with the extra documents that had derailed Scott ‘s trip there on Monday, I was as nervous as I can ever remember being. But after a couple of quick questions and checking of the documents, she declared that everything looked “perfect.”

“Perfect!?” I thought… Not the battle scene I had been anticipating. Very well…a day in Chicago it will be. At least everyone else was celebrating too!



Right out the front door I encountered this. Not really my tribe.  There wasn’t a whole lot of maneuvering possible as more people arrived for the parade to celebrate the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory. I appreciated that even the fine arts folks were rolling with it.


And the FAQs:

When do you leave?
We drive out of Fargo on July 1st, fly from Minneapolis on the 3rd, stay in NJ and fly to SA on the 8th.

Where will you live?
We have rented a townhouse with the help of some contacts there checking things out for us.

Are the kids excited?
Yes (about school and seeing animals)… But probably not nearly as excited as we are!

What is the language?
There are 11 official languages in South Africa with English being spoken my most. Afrikaans and Zulu are also widely used in the province where we will be living (Kwa Zulu-Natal).


One thought on “Success!

  1. Obviously, dear Amy, living in the cold for quite a number of years has not yet converted you to ice hockey! But then, there wouldn’t be any use for that in SA, right!? How much are you into cricket, though? Looking forward to test matches?
    Anyway, seems you’re all set! Safe trip!!!!


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