20 years and counting

The plans for this year abroad have all the makings of a major life event. Or at least that’s how it feels today. We thought the to-do list was full to bursting, what with preparing our home to rent, putting the garden to bed, getting banking and bill-pay in order, insurance updated, etc.  But now we’ve learned of a new requirement– that we appear in person to apply for a particular visa at the nearest South African consulate. That’s a trip to Chicago folks… definitely not in the plans for our last four weeks in Fargo!

But what can be done but release the idea of control and roll with it? It certainly helps to have a partner who does. Scott exclaimed cheerfully, “How about taking a trip to Chicago?” by way of announcing this news to me. You can imagine my response.

Thankfully, like all big projects (wedding, moving, job change, new baby, parenting, grieving), this one is definitely benefiting from partnership!  When one person is losing it, the other rises to the challenge.  Ideas are bounced around and refined.  Each person is inspired to be better, kinder, stronger.  One attends to details the other sees the big picture.

It feels fitting to post today and acknowledge my sweetheart on our 15th anniversary!  When I met Scott 20 years ago, he was on this bicycle on a dirt road in Monduli, Tanzania (and not quite as clean as in this photo).


Our friendship grew there for three years (along with our various hairstyles).




Much has changed since then…nearly everything.   But the steady, fun, positive friend remains. At a loss for how to sum up marriage or our treasure-trove of memories, let me just say “Asante Sana” for giving me your hand to hold on this journey. I love you Scott. Happy 15th Anniversary!



5 thoughts on “20 years and counting

  1. LOVE the hairstyles. Enjoy Chicago! And if you have a chance to listen to some live music, definitely go to the Green Mill and tell Dave Jemilo I said hi!


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