All roads lead to…

It’s funny how you can be totally unaware of something in the world until you have reason to notice – and then lo and behold, you see connection everywhere.

A newly pregnant friend recently commented, “I hadn’t realized that SO MANY people in our area are pregnant!”  I remember feeling the same after birthing a son, “Wow!  Look at all the boys.  I have one of those too!”  Or when you are considering purchasing a particular car model, and then you see it everywhere.

This upcoming adventure for us has been no different!  The last months have unfolded with a deluge of connections – big and small.  Meeting South Africans in Fargo, introductions to people who know people in SA, plus silly things like SA in the news, Ladysmith Black Mambazo performing here right after Scott got news of the Fulbright, or even the featured country for May in our international calendar… you guessed it!  Of course these last examples are ridiculous, not really a connection at all – but definitely a sign of where our attention has focused nonetheless.


It was great fun hosting these lovely young South Africans for dinner here this week – one of the opportunities that has come our way since people began learning about our upcoming plans.  All six are visiting for an international student leadership conference going on at NDSU.  We appreciated their willingness to share their ideas and opinions and their enthusiasm for their country.  They even taught “Do you want to build a snowman?” in Zulu – an important cross cultural skill if your name is Elsa.  We enjoyed meeting you- Sascha, Tsholo, Precious, Ndumiso, Mthobisi, and Siya.  Safe journey back and hope our paths will cross on the other side.


One thought on “All roads lead to…

  1. Oh what an interesting posting today on your blog. I’m so glad you got someone to take that picture. What wonderful ambassadors for America you are there in ND and will be also in SA. All these new connections will surely open doors for you and lead you into exciting discoveries. Keep a journal and keep this one going too for the rest of us to widen our world along with you. Love, Grandma Nancy


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