Homefront + Spring!

(Apologies for the mix up with those who were emailed the first round of this post… it wasn’t complete.  Still learning how to do this and trying some different things with photos.  Thanks for your patience!)


People who know us well ask this question first: “What about your garden!?”

That has certainly been on our mind and on our to-do lists over the past few weeks.  This must be the first spring we do not have spinach coming up in the beds and seedlings lining the windows.  No maps and lists of tomatoes and crop rotations littering the countertop.

We shift between a “Let it go” kind of attitude and “What will happen to the ___?”  (strawberries, raspberries, asparagus, grape vines, etc.!)  Scott has gone ahead decisively and pulled out all of his amazing hops plants.  They have wowed us every summer climbing to the top of the house by mid-June and then bursting forth with cones late summer.  They also require tending, harvesting, and pruning at particular intervals.  He reasoned, “If they were that easy to start they should be that easy to start again.”

So we move ahead with putting things “to bed” even as things around us are bursting with growth and color.  Here is the state of the raised beds.  Rather a sad sight, don’t you think?



We are hoping that the layers of cardboard and mulch will suppress weeds sufficiently.  Maybe this long rest will even coax some magic along in the soil below.

Meanwhile, the perennials carry on with their own schedule whether we care to notice or not, whether anyone will pick their fruit or not.  It feels tricky to balance our orientation forward (less than two months now!) with appreciating the wonder unfolding right before us today.






One thought on “Homefront + Spring!

  1. What beautiful photos, Amy! Have you thought about planting a spring / summer garden in S. Africa? I feel like you will get a spring “do-over”…


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